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Warren, Patty and Dezeray Scott
Warren, Patty and Dezeray Scott

Owners Hot Rodzz Espresso

Hot Rodzz Espresso came about with our love for coffee and passion for cars. (or anything with a motor)  So putting those two things together, we got Hot Rodzz Espresso.  We are a family owned and operated business since 2011.


Warren being the Hot Rod side, Patty being the Coffee side and sassy daughter Dezeray which is a little bit of both. 


We have both grown up in the Wenatchee Valley and plan to raise our daughter here.  We believe in supporting small businesses and keeping it local.


Patty has over 30 years experience in the coffee business along with daughter Dezeray that has grown up with the coffee and cars.


Dezeray is also a fully trained barista and knows every aspect of the business.  She started in the coffee business at age 6.  She helps out in the mobile unit when not in school.


Warren is the Hot Rod side of the business organizing and putting on a number of events.  We host Car Shows, Swap Meets, Fund Raisers, Motorcycle get togethers, 4 x 4 and Off Road gatherings and more.


But we don't just like the cars we own them also.  Warren has his 72 Chevy Nova, Patty has her 77 Corvette and Dezeray enjoys her 57 Ford Truck and her 67 Ford Bronco.

Our events is just a great place to get together, meet some great people, see some awesome cars, motorcycles, etc and get a great cup of coffee!!!



Warren, Patty and Dezeray Scott

Owners of Hot Rodzz Espresso